PA Main Parts


 PA Main Parts


Part Name:PIN (MSH头部螺丝-长) PART No:1023810003 

Part Name:VANE (真空泵碳片) PART No:N45214022A 

Part Name:CAM FOLLOWER & LOCK-NUT (支撑凸轮及螺母) PART No:N531CFH6RA 

Part Name:PIN (MSH头部螺丝-短) PART No:1023810002 

Part Name:松下MV2VB 安全盖导轨轮 PART No:N648ER22B6 

Part Name:PIN (松下PCB顶针) PART No:1999504001 

Part Name:MPA3 SPLINE SHAFT (H主轴) PART No:1022109643 


Part Name:PANASERT MVIIVB BRUSH(毛刷)-小 PART No:1042777054 

Part Name:MSH-2 AIR PLATE (头部导气槽) PART No:102381012902 

Part Name::PANASERT MV2C BALL SPLINE (θ THETA) PART No:1025826223 

Part Name:PANASERT MVIIVB BRUSH(毛刷) PART No:104277705101 

Part Name:Sleeve & Spring (MSR) PART No:1046878027 

Part Name:松下CM402用(带磁铁的PCB顶针) PART No:N610087389AA 

Part Name:FILTER (CM602过滤芯) PART No:N610071334AA 

Part Name:PLUNGER (CM402缓冲器) PART No:N610025628AA 

Part Name:CLAMP ARM (CM202/402吸咀扣-长) PART No:N210062110AA 

Part Name:CLAMP ARM (CM602吸咀扣-短) PART No:N210007284AB 


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Step 2: Click and the product you want to buy, the pop up display with the following options If you want to continue shopping: Click on Continue shopping to add products to your cart
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After receiving your order you will contact us by calling back to confirm your order and address.
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Wishing to bring satisfaction to you when making a purchase, We have regulations in shipping, To ensure that the product you buy is the product that most satisfied.
1. We will be made and delivered based on the selected customer sample. In case there is no correct product you require we will call confirm send similar products instead.
2. The standard delivery time for an order is 12 hours from the time the order was placed. Deliver products to inner city areas nationwide from 4 hours from receipt, Delivery within the day to the neighborhood (Radius from 10km – 50km).
3. Orders shipped internationally: Not sure the time is exactly as requested, Do not guarantee time if the delivery time coincides with the holidays, Tet and Sunday at the destination area.
4. Where there is no contact with the recipient, The recipient is gone:
- If we do not know the address we will save it within 6 hours and contact the recipient again, In case of non-contact the order will be canceled and no refund will be made.
- If the address is company, office, home… We will send colleagues, Relatives accepted and signed
- In a safe place, the recipient is noticeable at home, office, company… This case has no signatures.
5. In case the recipient does not accept the order:
- We will cancel the order. This case will not be refunded.
6. In case of incorrect address, change of address:
- Not the correct address: In the case of the wrong address we will save 6 hours and contact the sender and receiver to agree on the place and time, if the new address is not more than 3km will play free. In cases where the new address is more than 3km, additional charges will be applied according to delivery regulations.
7. Where the recipient does not exist at the requested address: Orders will be canceled and non refundable.
8. We do not ship products to addresses on trains, planes, ships, dangerous areas, restricted areas…

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