Check right SCR-3050CL / 3050SL ( Máy ủ, rã đông kem hàn )


Product Name                              DIGITAL room temperature leaving alone system (CHECK RIGHT)

MODER                                       SCR-3050CL / 3050SL

                                                   SOLDER PASTE CAN TYPE (CL TYPE) / SYRINGE TYPE (SL TYPE)

SIZE(mm)                                    500 x 340 x 235

Q'ty                                              5EA HOLDER

METHOD                                      LOCK FUNCTIONING (UNLOCK WHEN FINISH PROCESS)

CONDITION TIME SETTING          OPTION SPECIFICATION : NG time of room tempeature preservation is displayed on                                                        touch LCD complied by time set such as 4hr, 6hr, 8hr, 12hr ~ 24h

TEMPERATURE SENSOR             0 ~ 99℃ (Measurement Error : ±2.0 at 25℃)

INFRARED LIGHT SENSOR           0 ~ 60℃(Measurement Error : ±0.5 at 25℃)

SPECIFICATION                            BODY, POWER CABLE, LABELS (consumables)

CONTENTS                                   Touch LCD : Solder paste surface temperature, time, room temperature, 

                                                     2Color LED: check the cold setting

POWER                                         AC 220V / 50 ~ 60Hz

CASE                                            MATERIAL, WHITE COLOR


Digital cold setting device system  
Product Features
- Impossible pickup before cold setting(LOCK function)
- Move up the FAN effect within 1hour to set the cold setting
- Label automatic printing when cold setting setup(Start Time/End Time/Pick up Time)
- FIFO function after cold setting of Solder paste
- cold setting Check method
- Temp, time setup
Product use
- Decide the time record, temperature measurement when freezing solder paster insert on the holder
- History management of Solder Paster stock
CHECK RIGHT SERIES - Can or Syringe Type
Label printing
Cold setting Test of Solder Paste
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